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The Only Constant in Big Data Is Change

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The potential of Big data

If you are able to combine larger, newer and usually disparate data sets and ask questions you couldn’t ask before, the potential value of big data is enormous.

The challenge is to pursue this potential economically and to show real business value.

The challenges of Big data

Keeping on track

Whether the goal is to wrap products in a service layer by providing real-time analytics that help customers use products more efficiently and effectively, to initiate consistent and compelling customer experiences across all delivery channels, to reduce maintenance, inventory and process costs by using predictive machine learning algorithms or to create new and disruptive business models, success depends on setting clearly defined, committed and measurable objectives - then focusing on getting there avoiding the temptation to build the tools you need from scratch.

Choosing the right technology

Good data and predictive analytics power value creation and generate competitive edge, but accurate predictions will be impossible, or worse false, if the data is not on time or valid.

Syncrasy’s visual data pipeline application, Syncrasy Data Flow, integrates both streaming and batch data, connects to a wide variety of internet protocols, messages systems, log files, text files and application databases, enabling complex manipulation without code.

Syncrasy’s Data Warehouse integrates a range of quality open source technologies within Syncrasy’s pre-engineered Data Discovery Platform that ensures you can leverage elastically scalable COTs hardware, for both storage and compute power, as well as the agility to ensure that you have the right data architecture for the job, whether that’s a RDBMS, NO-SQL, New SQL, OLAP, Data Lake, Data Mart or Hadoop.

DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning Platform encapsulates the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists to deliver unmatched levels of automation, speed of delivery and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives.

Fast Track your Journey with Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform.

Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform provides an essential abstraction layer to simplify the integration of connectivity, curation, database, analytics, machine learning and visualization technologies of choice; as well as underpinning the ability to infinitely scale across bare metal, virtualized, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

Syncrasy’s Platform Core Technology

Fault-tolerant, distributed and extensible by design, Syncrasy’s Platform Core efficiently manages elastically scalable COTs based computing resources, automates resource balancing to meet application requirements and supports full redundancy and high-availability of all deployed databases and applications.

    Syncrasy’s Software Defined Storage

    Syncrasy’s COTs based Software Defined Storage Solutions provide low cost, highly scalable options to store traditional and new data types and volumes with no vendor lock-in whilst at the same time allowing the re-utilization of existing legacy storage infrastructure.

    Syncrasy’s Run Anywhere Technology

    Fully optimized for bare metal, virtualized, cloud or hybrid infrastructures, Syncrasy’s Run Anywhere Technology lays the foundation needed to flexibly initiate and migrate these innovations with minimum investment and maximum scalability.

      Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology

      Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology enables the plug-ability of the modern, data centric applications needed to manage all data types and volumes, from connection through transformation and to delivery into data stores, data analytics and machine learning processes, data visualization tools and potentially triggering the automation of actions needed to optimize enterprise performance from Big Data projects.

      Syncrasy’s Virtualization Technology

      A lightweight, low cost alternative to full machine virtualization, Syncrasy’s Virtualization Technology delivers high availability, live migration and automatic backup & restore for both modern cluster based applications as well as existing line of business applications.

        Syncrasy’s Pluggable Applications

        New data centric applications are appearing every day and no single technology is fit for every purpose, which is why Syncrasy incorporates pluggable choices from today’s best of breed applications across the whole data processing spectrum, and is committed to adding new technologies as they advance.

        Leverage DataRobot Automated Machine Learning Platform

        The ability to truly democratize the process is perhaps the most important element of any enterprise machine learning platform. DataRobot automates the entire modeling lifecycle, enabling users to quickly and easily build highly accurate predictive models. The only ingredients needed are curiosity and data — coding and machine learning skills are completely optional!

        Automate Machine Learning

        The ability to truly democratize the process is perhaps the most important element of any enterprise machine learning platform. DataRobot automates the entire modelling lifecycle, enabling users to quickly and easily build highly accurate predictive models. The only ingredients needed are curiosity and data — coding and machine learning skills are completely optional!

          Impact the Bottom Line

          Eliminate expensive consulting firms and take charge of your machine learning and AI outcomes. With DataRobot your existing team can turn data into actionable information and develop recommendations with confidence. Better models and more control of the data science process translates into immediate cost savings and potentially new revenue opportunities.

          Get Started Immediately

          If you have a good understanding of your business and leverage Syncrasy data warehousing and curation tools, then you have everything you need to get started. DataRobot will automate the laborious math and coding components of data science, and deliver beautiful visualizations that explain what’s going on during every step in the process.

            Communicate Recommendations

            In addition to automatically building machine learning models, DataRobot delivers business insights so you can identify the most important drivers of your business metrics, identify key words within freeform text, and understand the logic behind each decision your model makes. Then, export visuals to support your findings to make creating presentations easy.

            Deliver Predictive Insights

            Progress from business analyst to citizen data scientist without advanced training and coding. DataRobot automatically tests hundreds of advanced algorithms to build the optimal model, delivering predictive insights to your business in hours, not months. Built-in guardrails help you identify data problems and other errors so you can feel more productive and valuable.

              Automate Repetitive Tasks

              DataRobot automatically identifies the best pre-processing, feature engineering, and model validation for each modeling technique, and scientifically selects the hyper-parameters and options that optimize the performance of your models. Of course, the platform also allows you to select your own tuning parameters and do custom feature engineering.

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              Syncrasy’s Transformational Technologies

              Syncrasy’s Platforms integrate preselected best-of-breed open technologies that are vetted, tested and pre-engineered to provide the foundation and solution building applications needed to build early wins, explore opportunities and generate a “Flywheel Effect” that powers enterprise wide digital transformation.