Finding Duplicate Customer Records in Your Database

Clean up the records in your customer database, helping you stay up to date with best practices and avoid sending duplicate messages.
Problem / Pain
Best practice marketing techniques require a single customer view, but your database may contain duplicate customer records. This may be due to spelling mistakes, changes in customer information, or even just because one record has the customer’s middle name and the other record doesn’t. These duplicates can be difficult and time-consuming to find and correct.

By combining machine learning with fuzzy matching techniques, it's easy to identify when multiple records are likely to be for the same customer, making sure your database is in prime condition.

Why Syncrasy & DataRobot
Syncrasy & DataRobot’s automated text mining and state-of-the-art algorithms are perfect for analysing customer records, helping you turn an overwhelming administrative project into a focused task that adds immediate value.

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