Insider threat

Syncrasy & DataRobot helps find and stop insider threats before they happen.
Problem / Pain
Organizations today are subject not only to threats from a wide variety of external entities, but from the inside as well--and it’s not hard to find news making examples. Employees are necessarily provided access to proprietary data, as well as the necessary training and data usage guidelines, but detecting and protecting against potential misuse or other exploitation of that information can be challenging. Predicting those employees who may have a propensity toward becoming an insider threat is a delicate challenge.

With DataRobot, a Federal entity has used historical data on information policy violations to proactively block any potential misuse, such as internet usage, improper document handling, or computer hardware violations; and the ability to look at possible misuse down to the level of specific individuals.

Why Syncrasy & DataRobot
With Syncrasy & DataRobot, organizations can leverage their enterprise usage policies and individual employee data to develop, model, and deploy algorithms that allow for the detection of security breaches, document theft or misuse, and violations of clearance responsibilities.

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