Modern Data Warehousing

Providing Machine Learning & Analytics from a modern platform for storing and organizing your data
Problem / Pain
Analytics and Machine Learning need good data. However, the massive increase in the volume and complexity of data has made gaining timely insights difficult, and expensive to deploy traditional data warehouses are not built to handle Big Data sets, real-time data, and complex and unstructured formats. This leads to frustration in Analytics Departments, where more time is spent attempting to manipulate your data than doing analytics, and potentially loss of earnings and competitive positioning.

Syncrasy’s Data Warehouse integrates a range of quality open source technologies within Syncrasy’s pre-engineered Data Discovery Platform that ensures you can not only leverage elastically scalable COTs hardware, for both storage and compute power, but also the agility to ensure that you have the right data architecture for the job, whether that’s an RDBMS, NO-SQL, New SQL, OLAP, Data Lake, Data Mart or Hadoop.

Why Syncrasy & DataRobot
Good data and predictive analytics power value creation and generate competitive edge, but accurate predictions will be impossible, or worse false, if the data is not on time or valid. Syncrasy designs and implements the right data warehousing solution for each enterprise’s needs, ensuing that predictive analytics pipelines and data reporting are as frictionless as possible.

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