Multichannel Marketing Attribution

Link each marketing activity to the corresponding effect on sales to accurately measure marketing ROI and optimize advertising spend.
Problem / Pain
Businesses spend billions of dollars each year on advertising – but are they spending it well? Traditional measurements such as last-click attribution are widely acknowledged by industry leaders to be flawed. Marketers need a better way to determine which advertising activities are the true drivers of sales so they can focus their resources accordingly.

Modern machine learning algorithms objectively determine how each touchpoint contributes to sales, allowing you to accurately calculate its ROI. By re-allocating advertising spend to the touchpoints with the highest ROI, you will increase sales while simultaneously reducing costs.

Why Syncrasy & DataRobot
Developing models capable of combining the complexities of human behavior and the need to allow for delays between advertising activities and subsequent purchases is a monumental task. Syncrasy data curation & DataRobot automated machine learning platform finds the most accurate models for this complex problem with just one click.

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