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Artificial Intelligence Will Drive The Insights Revolution

But most enterprises are not ready for Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence because their data, held in enterprise data silos, is fragmented, duplicated, inconsistent or incomplete.

But most enterprises are not ready for Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence because their data, held in enterprise data silos, is fragmented, duplicated, inconsistent or incomplete.

Syncrasy Data Discovery Platform

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The mega shifts in technology driving digitization, virtualization, mobilization, personalization, anticipation, augmentation and more, are changing the way customers think and how businesses need to change the way products and services are delivered.

Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform provides the foundation and solution building applications needed to keep pace with, and get ahead of the accelerating rate of business, social and economic transformational change.

Explore with us how Syncrasy technologies can help support your transformational change journey.

Syncrasy’s Platform Core

Designed for Agility, Performance & Scalability

Syncrasy’s Platform Core abstracts away the complications of building modern, data centric solutions, allowing Enterprises of all sizes and sectors to affordably compete in this hyper-connected world.

Fault-tolerant, distributed and extensible by design, with modern, highly-available and load balanced resource scheduling and processing that is elastically scalable both at the application and compute resource deployment level.

Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology

Automating Application Plug-ability

All Enterprises are unique and need unique solutions aimed at optimizing the value generated from their data.

Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology allows solution designers to choose a vast range of pre-integrated applications, from managing connections to different data types to curating data motion through to managing data at rest and enabling data discovery.

Syncrasy’s Agile Query Technology

Datastore-aware Query Optimizer

Traditional data queries demand significant IT intervention before data can be queried.

Syncrasy’s datastore aware Query Technology automatically restructures a query plan to leverage datastore internal processing capabilities, without requiring up-front schema knowledge.

This capability allows Enterprises to leverage readily available SQL skill sets even for complex queries across multiple datastores.

Syncrasy’s Virtualization Technology

High Availability at a Fraction of the Cost

Syncrasy’s container-based Virtualization Technology provides a lightweight, low overhead, low cost alternative to full machine virtualization that manages both applications and storage to create a flexible, highly available computing environment.

Enterprise Features include:

  • Centralized management
  • Automatic backup and restore
  • Supports network storage: NFS, ISCSI and SDS
  • Scales from a single node to large clusters
  • Optimized for performance and usability
  • HA, live migration, cloning of VM’s
  • Fast and easy horizontal scaling

Syncrasy’s Software Defined Storage

Affordable Storage without Limits

As new data requirements surface, Enterprises need storage solutions that can quickly and affordably adapt. Syncrasy software-defined storage options scale without limits, support new data workloads and leverage existing storage infrastructure.

Enterprise Features include:

  • Ready for new datatypes including block, object, and file storage combined into one platform
  • No vendor lock-in to proprietary hardware
  • Self-healing with no single point of failure
  • Automatic balancing for maximum performance
  • Advanced algorithms for best use of hardware
  • Massively scalable across bare metal, hybrid and cloud deployments

Syncrasy’s Run Anywhere Technology

Fast and Versatile Deployments

Running on COTS hardware in any bare metal, virtualized, cloud or hybrid infrastructure, Syncrasy is fully optimized for all infrastructures and environments, significantly reducing deployment costs and maximizing the flexibility to start with a minimum investment and expand as you build progressive value.

Deployments can not only run anywhere, eradicating the complexities of migrating between different cloud providers, they can also run everywhere – all at the same time, ensuring that sensitive data can be held on-premises whilst anonymized and less sensitive data can take advantage of flexible cloud infrastructures.

Syncrasy Connect

Pluggable Connectors for Any Data

Quickly, easily and reliably collecting, moving and exporting massive amounts of structured and unstructured data into and out of the Syncrasy Platform components.

Connect to:

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Relational Databases, Hadoop, NoSQL Databases
  • Enterprise Data Warehouses
  • Transactional Text, CSV, Excel Data
  • Social Media Text, Audio, Video
  • Image, Geospatial and Video Motion Data
  • Machine Sensor and IoT Device Data

Syncrasy Dataflow

Modern Data Pipeline Engineering

Syncrasy Dataflow provides the ability to curate, mediate, change, tune, parse, filter, join, merge, transform, enrich, fork, clone, unify, store and analyze data in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud; and build parallel data pipelines using multiple pre-engineered technologies based on the use case.

Equally well designed for small scale data sources that make up the Internet of Things as well as large scale Enterprise integration, Syncrasy’s Dataflow technologies allow Enterprises to respond quickly and easily to new information requirements and build digital business disruptors.

Syncrasy Data at Rest

Multiple Database Technologies

Syncrasy’s Open Data Architecture enables multiple best of breed databases to be tightly integrated and easily interchangeable according to application needs. Relational or Not, Structured or Not, Syncrasy provides Enterprises with solutions that can quickly and affordably adapt to modern world requirements.

The following list is not exhaustive and only indicative of the range of databases that can be incorporated into a Syncrasy Platform Solution.

  • Hadoop
  • HBase
  • Hive
  • Cassandra
  • Crate.io
  • Greenplum
  • EdgiStore
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2

Syncrasy Dimensions

Self-service Analytics

Syncrasy Dimensions delivers highly scalable and user friendly, self-service Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Full Text Search capabilities.

For dynamic real-time data update requirements, OLAP cubes are built on the fly and stored in memory, providing sub-second response times at volume and automatically reflect the current state of the underlying data.

Full Text Search capabilities include:

  • Easy content discovery with lightning-fast responses
  • Smart matching and relevant results
  • Rich document parsing and geospatial search
  • Faceted search and filtering
  • Advanced text analysis & language detection

Syncrasy Analytics & Data Science

Machine Learning, Statistics and Analytics

In a world of ever increasing data, many existing analytics solutions are not up to the task.

Syncrasy’s powerful machine learning, graph, statistics and analytics engines for data science are built to take advantage of modern computing capabilities and provide robust solutions that scale with the needs of the business.

Key Features:

  • Data is operated on locally, in-database, relieving the need to move data between multiple runtime environments.
  • Separates the machine learning logic from database specific implementations.
  • Leverages Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) shared nothing technology for scalability and faster results.

Syncrasy iPages

Self-Service Insights from Different Perspectives

Build customizable and shareable dashboards and reports that address the needs of Enterprises seeking an intuitive, collaborative way to view and analyze their critical business information.

Use a large selection of built in charts, data grids, linear and radial gauges for both real-time data in motion and data at rest to create and share rich and informative dashboards.

Seamless Integration for users to easily leverage their favorite 3rd party visualization and analysis tools.

Modernizing Legacy IT Infrastructure

Whilst IT support systems that underpin enterprise line of business applications are essential day to day operations and processes, by their very nature they hold application specific data in isolated data silos.

To see an enterprise as a whole, or to capture all customer interactions to understand their buying preferences and deliver consistent, compelling and tailored buying experiences across all service channels requires a completely new approach.

Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform offers a cost effective migration path that allows enterprises to underpin, utilize and extend existing IT resources and layer modern technologies that deliver the capability to build 360º views and data centric business models powered by analytics and machine learning.

360º Customer Views

In today's customer centric world, organizations need to listen to all customer interactions, understand their buying preferences and deliver consistent, compelling and tailored buying experiences across all service channels.

The starting point is to build 360º Customer Views but most Enterprises are challenged by their legacy DataMart's and ETL systems, the diversity and volume of the new sources and the prohibitive cost of legacy IT computing and storage platforms.

Syncrasy Data Discovery Platform lays the foundation needed to affordably build 360º customer views with the flexibility to start with a minimum investment and expand as required.

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Big Data Projects

The potential value of big data is enormous, but Enterprises need to focus on economically achieving the big data project goals, and avoid the temptation to focus on building from scratch the tools to deliver.

The key is to lay an agile IT foundation capable of adapting, without discarding, and ensuring the ability to scale both compute and data storage resources, without re-engineering.

Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform provides an essential abstraction layer to simplify the integration of connectivity, curation, database, analytics, machine learning and visualization technologies of choice; as well as underpinning the ability to infinitely scale across bare metal, virtualized, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

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Managing Risk & Fraud

Financial, Insurance and Telecom organizations are no strangers to fraud claims. New digital channels and changing compliance regulations mandate better monitoring and visibility of key information. Timely and trusted monitoring and analysis of events through advanced analytics and machine-learning is a critical capability to minimize enterprise risk.

Syncrasy enables data analysts to find the right data and discover the relationships that matter for more accurate and targeted fraud and risk analytics.

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IoT Solutions

Will impact on all aspects of our life.

Things are not things anymore, they are smart and connected creating an avalanche of data. As things become more and more connected, so do businesses and consumers and the need to derive intelligence from this data becomes a necessity.

Leveraging the opportunities that IoT solutions offer requires the implementation of a highly scalable and extensible modern data architecture able to process all types of data in real-time, store the data without limits and have the flexibility to layer today’s and tomorrow’s data manipulation, analytics and machine learning capabilities; but putting this in place can be a tricky business.

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365º Enterprise Views

Specialized line of business applications underpin essential day to day operations but typically record data in proprietary and diverse data stores making it difficult to correlate data across the Enterprise and assimilate meaningful insights.

In today’s data-driven fast-changing marketplace not having an on-time holistic view of the business is not an option.

Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform overcomes these issues by providing the data architecture to quickly, easily and reliably collect, curate, transform, enrich and aggregate ANY data from ANY source, load the data into modern data architectures according to business needs; and then analyze and visualize the data across the whole Enterprise, irrespective of geographic boundaries.

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Automated Machine Learning

DataRobot captures the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives.

Syncrasy’s integration of the DataRobot Platform enables users to build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional data science methods.

With 5 easy steps, Executives, Business Analysts and IT Professionals can deliver predictive insights within hours, not months:

  • 1. Ingest your data
  • 2. Select the target variable
  • 3. Build 100s of models in one click
  • 4. Explore top models and get insights
  • 5. Deploy the best model

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Data Discovery Platform

Abstracts away the complications of building modern, data centric solutions, allowing enterprises of all sizes and sectors to affordably capture, curate, store and prep data ready for Automated Machine Learning modelling and production processes.


Data Discovery Platform

Abstracts away the complications of building modern, data centric solutions, allowing enterprises of all sizes and sectors to affordably capture, curate, store and prep data ready for Automated Machine Learning modelling and production processes.


Underpinning Technologies

Abstracts away the complications of building modern, data centric solutions, allowing enterprises of all sizes and sectors to affordably capture, curate, store and prep data ready for Automated Machine Learning modelling and production processes.

Syncrasy’s Platform Core Technology

Fault-tolerant, distributed and extensible by design, Syncrasy’s Platform Core efficiently manages elastically scalable COTs based computing resources, automates resource balancing to meet application requirements and supports full redundancy and high-availability of all deployed databases and applications.

    Syncrasy’s Software Defined Storage

    Syncrasy’s COTs based Software Defined Storage Solutions provide low cost, highly scalable options to store traditional and new data types and volumes with no vendor lock-in whilst at the same time allowing the re-utilization of existing legacy storage infrastructure.

    Syncrasy’s Run Anywhere Technology

    Fully optimized for bare metal, virtualized, cloud or hybrid infrastructures, Syncrasy’s Run Anywhere Technology lays the foundation needed to flexibly initiate and migrate these innovations with minimum investment and maximum scalability.

      Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology

      Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology enables the plug-ability of the modern, data centric applications needed to manage all data types and volumes, from connection through transformation and to delivery into data stores, data analytics and machine learning processes, data visualization tools and potentially triggering the automation of actions needed to optimize enterprise performance from Big Data projects.

      Syncrasy’s Virtualization Technology

      A lightweight, low cost alternative to full machine virtualization, Syncrasy’s Virtualization Technology delivers high availability, live migration and automatic backup & restore for both modern cluster based applications as well as existing line of business applications.

        Syncrasy’s Pluggable Applications

        New data centric applications are appearing every day and no single technology is fit for every purpose, which is why Syncrasy incorporates pluggable choices from today’s best of breed applications across the whole data processing spectrum, and is committed to adding new technologies as they advance.

        Whatever you want to do

        Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform provides the foundation for success.


        Pluggable Applications

        Syncrasy applications are modular, allowing enterprises to affordably include only those applications they require and integrate existing databases, storage options and Big Data initiatives they already have underway.

        • Connect

          Pluggable Connectors to quickly, easily and reliably collect and move any data into and out of the Platform.

        • Dataflow

          Modern Data Engineering with the ability to curate, transform, enrich, store and analyze data in real-time.

        • Data at Rest

          Open Data Architecture enabling integration and interchangeability of multiple best of breed databases.

        • Dimensions

          Delivers highly scalable and user friendly self-service Multidimensional (OLAP) Analytics capabilities.

        • Deep Analytics & Data Science

          Machine learning, graph, statistics and analytics engines with modern parallel processing capabilities.

        • iPages

          Self-Service Insights, customizable and shareable dashboards and reports, and seamless integration to 3rd party visualization and analysis tools.

        We connect your vision, your data & your domain knowledge to our data expertise - collectively delivering new value.

        Captures, curates and securely warehouses all enterprise data, preps the data for ML & runs predictive APIs in production.

        Automatically delivers the optimal ML model and publishes a REST API endpoint, making it a breeze to integrate within modern, Syncrasy driven, enterprise applications.

        You have the domain expertise – let us provide the automated machine learning.


        Automated Machine Learning Platform

        Encapsulates the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists in this Automated Machine Learning Platform, delivering unmatched levels of automation, speed of delivery and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives.

        Jumpstart your transformation to an AI-driven enterprise with Syncrasy & DataRobot

        Automate Machine Learning

        The ability to truly democratize the process is perhaps the most important element of any enterprise machine learning platform. DataRobot automates the entire modelling lifecycle, enabling users to quickly and easily build highly accurate predictive models. The only ingredients needed are curiosity and data — coding and machine learning skills are completely optional!

          Impact the Bottom Line

          Eliminate expensive consulting firms and take charge of your machine learning and AI outcomes. With DataRobot your existing team can turn data into actionable information and develop recommendations with confidence. Better models and more control of the data science process translates into immediate cost savings and potentially new revenue opportunities.

          Get Started Immediately

          If you have a good understanding of your business and leverage Syncrasy data warehousing and curation tools, then you have everything you need to get started. DataRobot will automate the laborious math and coding components of data science, and deliver beautiful visualizations that explain what’s going on during every step in the process.

            Communicate Recommendations

            In addition to automatically building machine learning models, DataRobot delivers business insights so you can identify the most important drivers of your business metrics, identify key words within freeform text, and understand the logic behind each decision your model makes. Then, export visuals to support your findings to make creating presentations easy.

            Deliver Predictive Insights

            Progress from business analyst to citizen data scientist without advanced training and coding. DataRobot automatically tests hundreds of advanced algorithms to build the optimal model, delivering predictive insights to your business in hours, not months. Built-in guardrails help you identify data problems and other errors so you can feel more productive and valuable.

              Automate Repetitive Tasks

              DataRobot automatically identifies the best pre-processing, feature engineering, and model validation for each modeling technique, and scientifically selects the hyper-parameters and options that optimize the performance of your models. Of course, the platform also allows you to select your own tuning parameters and do custom feature engineering.

              Fast-track your Journey

              Syncrasy Cloud, driven through Equinix’s secure London data center, offers a Fast Start and Economic option to securely trialing and deploying Syncrasy Solutions.

              Start small – grow BIG

              Spin up only the resources and applications you need to get started, flex everything as you learn, then migrate to the on-premises, hybrid or cloud infrastructure of your choice with Syncrasy’s Run Anywhere Technology.

              Support your Journey with Syncrasy’s Global Consulting Services

              And find out how we can help your organization reduce costs and build value from your data.

              Customer 360º

              The ability to capture and use customer insights to shape products, solutions, and the buying experience is critical. Syncrasy enables organizations to better understand their customers, learn from their behaviors, and deliver personalized interactions.

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                Kick Start Your Big Data Initiative

                Syncrasy simplifies the challenges of kick starting a Big Data initiative by being with you from start to finish, helping you start small and grow big through planning and goal setting. In this challenge we dive together.

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                IoT – A Connected Revolution

                Driving Value with Syncrasy Platform

                Capture, store, process, analyze, get insights from IoT data.

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                365º Enterprise - Integrate Operational Data

                Integrate data from different sources combined into a single meaningful picture.
                Syncrasy provides a variety of data analysis capabilities working in harmony to fit uniquely each case.

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                Why Syncrasy

                We Believe the Power of Intelligence depends on the Power of the Platform and our mission is to provide a pre-engineered solution and expert services that will empower Enterprises to unleash the full potential of their people and investments.

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                Manage Risk & Fraud - Protect your Business

                The Power of the Syncrasy Platform enables you to proactively store and analyze greater volumes of data in real time.

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