Syncrasy Kick-Start Program

Helping businesses grow

Syncrasy Kick-Start Program is aimed at helping businesses harness their data by economically packaging the expertise and technologies needed to help solve data challenges, deliver value and set a foundation for a digital future.

What’s included

Your Free Consultation

Working remotely with your team, Syncrasy Consulting will bring fresh ideas to solving your immediate data challenges and set out a cost-effective roadmap to delivering solutions that include the data engineering services and technologies needed.

Your Discounted Package of Services

For all first time engagements focused on solving a specific data challenge, Syncrasy will package the required consulting and data engineering services at discounted rates in order to help you realize the benefits of our services and to help you realize immediate value.

Your FREE Subscription to Syncrasy’s Trusted Technologies

Syncrasy’s Technology Platforms abstract away the complications of exploring modern, data centric solutions, allowing you to quickly and affordably solve immediate data challenges and set a fresh foundation for accelerated data discovery.

For all first time engagements, Syncrasy will package the technologies needed to solve specified data challenges, FREE of charge for an agreed PoC period, and with no obligation to renew.

Explore what’s included in your FREE subscription

Syncrasy Foundation Platform


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Designed for Agility, Exploration & Scalability

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

Running on a small footprint, Syncrasy Foundation Platform minimizes initial deployment costs and abstracts away the complications of exploring modern, data centric solutions, allowing enterprises of all sizes and sectors to quickly and affordably kick-start their digital transformation journey.

Syncrasy UI

Identity Management & Access Control

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

Syncrasy’s Foundation UI integrates a set of cloud-native UI technologies that deliver centralized access control and management of the Syncrasy integrated open-source and custom-developed applications. Syncrasy’s UI includes comprehensive user management with the ability to connect to enterprise security including active directory and LDAP.

Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology

Automating Application Plug-ability

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

All enterprises are unique and need unique solutions aimed at optimizing the value generated from their data.

Syncrasy’s Chameleon Technology allows solution designers to extend Syncrasy’s Foundation packaged applications with a range of pre-integrated solutions, from managing connections to different data types to curating data motion through to managing data at rest and enabling data discovery.

Syncrasy’s API-Centric Architecture

Control, Security & Extensibility

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

Syncrasy’s embedded API Gateway is a scalable, open source-based API layer that runs in front of any RESTful API and is extended through plugins which provide extra functionality and services beyond the core platform.

Plugins are one of the most important features of Syncrasy’s API Gateway, with many features provided by plugins, including authentication, rate-limiting, transformation, logging etc.

Almost all plugins can be customized not only to target a specific proxied service, but also to target specific Consumers.

Syncrasy’s API-Centric Architecture

Add On - Not required for the Kick-Start Program

Red Hat Virtualization

Open, scalable virtualization

Red Hat® Virtualization is an open, software-defined platform that virtualizes Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads.

Featuring management tools that virtualize resources, processes, and applications, it provides a stable foundation for Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Applications and a cloud-native - containerized future.

Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Integrated software-defined compute and storage in a compact footprint

Red Hat® Hyperconverged Infrastructure offers an alternative to standalone Machine Virtualization by providing co-located, scalable, software-defined compute and storage on economical, industry-standard hardware. Reducing the number of physical servers required, lowering your costs and simplifying your infrastructure.

Syncrasy’s Software Defined Storage

Add On - Not required for the Kick-Start Program

Red Hat Ceph Storage

A platform for petabyte-scale storage

Red Hat® Ceph Storage is an open, massively scalable storage solution for modern workloads like Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platforms, media repositories, and backup and restore systems.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

Storage for hybrid cloud and multicloud container deployments

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Storage is software-defined storage for containers. Engineered as the data and storage services platform for Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage helps deploy Syncrasy’s Applications quickly and efficiently across clouds.

Red Hat OpenShift

Efficiency, consistency, agility, & speed

Add On - Not required for the Kick-Start Program

Deployed on Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes Container Platform running on Red Hat Hybrid Cloud infrastructures and any certified cloud provider, Syncrasy Data Management, Data Intelligence and Data Science solutions run with efficiency, consistency, agility, & speed across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

With Syncrasy’s Red Hat embedded OpenShift Kubernetes Container Platform, you can:

  • Orchestrate Syncrasy containerized apps across multiple hosts.
  • Make better use of hardware to maximize resources.
  • Control and automate Syncrasy and Custom app deployments and updates.
  • Scale Syncrasy and Custom containerized apps and their resources on the fly.
  • Health-check and self-heal your apps with autoplacement, autorestart, autoreplication, and autoscaling.

Syncrasy Connect

Pluggable Connectors for Any Data

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

To quickly, easily and reliably collect, move and export structured and unstructured data into and out of the Syncrasy Foundation Platform a number of pre-built data connectors are built into Syncrasy Data Flow.

Available connectors include:

  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SQS
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure IoT
  • Delta Lake
  • Elasticsearch
  • Files in a Directory
  • Google BigQuery
  • Cloud Storage
  • Hadoop FS
  • HTTP
  • JDBC
  • Kafka
  • Kinesis
  • MapR
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • MQTT
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Rabbit
  • Redis
  • REST Service
  • Salesforce
  • SFTP/FTP/FTPS Client
  • TCP / UDP
  • WebSocket
  • Windows Event Log

Syncrasy Data Flow

Modern Data Pipeline Engineering

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

Syncrasy Dataflow provides the ability to curate, mediate, change, parse, filter, join, merge, transform and enrich your data using multiple pre-engineered data pipelines uniquely designed for each use case.

Equally well designed for small scale data sources that make up the Internet of Things as well as large scale enterprise integration, Syncrasy’s Dataflow technologies allow enterprises to respond quickly and easily to new information requirements and build digital business disruptors.

Syncrasy Data Store

Multiple Database Technologies

FREE Subscription with all customer engagements

Syncrasy’s Open Data Architecture enables multiple best of breed data bases to be tightly integrated and easily interchangeable according to application needs.

Syncrasy Foundation Platform is pre-packaged with and leverages the power of Postgres, a powerful object-relational database with a reliable, familiar SQL toolset and a robust architecture to manage your data no matter how big or small the dataset.

Syncrasy’s Postgres Foundation Data Store is extendable with a Syncrasy Citusdata Postgres extension subscription, enabling you to query faster than any one server can by scaling out Postgres & parallelizing SQL queries across multiple nodes.

Syncrasy Data Virtualization

Accelerating Data Availability

Add On - Not required for the Kick-Start Program

Syncrasy’s Data Virtualization provides a modern data layer that makes your data easy, approachable, and interactive, no matter how many terabytes, no matter where it's stored.

Users get controlled, secure and GDPR compliant data delivery to their favourite BI and data science tools from data housed throughout and beyond the enterprise.

Whether your data is located in your “Single Source of Truth” Data Store or held in underlying application databases, accelerate your favourite BI & Analytics Tools & by securely integrating all of your data.

Syncrasy Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Automated Machine Learning

Add On - Not required for the Kick-Start Program

DataRobot captures the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world’s leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives.

Syncrasy’s integration of the DataRobot Platform enables users to build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional data science methods.

Syncrasy Data View

Self-Service BI & Analytics

Add On - Not required for the Kick-Start Program

A data driven business needs to empower everybody, from C-level executives to frontline workers with intelligence from data to make smart business decisions.

Data View not only simplifies the process for analysts and data scientists, it also enables “citizen developers” to self-serve to their best ability.

  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Rapid Design, Maximum Self-Service
  • Quick, Iterative Mashup & Design - in a Single Web App
  • Flexible Charts & Tables with Rich Visual Components
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting and Scheduled Pixel-Perfect Reports
  • Report bursting to a large audiences
  • Parameterized, Personalized Reports

Free connectors are provided for most 3rd party BI / Analytics tools in the Kick-Start Program.

Explore Modernizing Legacy IT Infrastructure with your FREE Foundation Platform subscription.

Whilst IT support systems that underpin enterprise line of business applications are essential day to day operations and processes, by their very nature they hold application specific data in isolated data silos.

To see an enterprise as a whole or to capture all customer interactions to understand their buying preferences and deliver consistent, compelling and tailored buying experiences across all service channels requires a completely new approach.

Syncrasy’s Foundation Platform offers a cost-effective way to utilize and extend existing IT resources and kick-start the digital transformation journey.

Explore building 360º Customer Views with your FREE Foundation Platform subscription.

In today's customer centric world, organizations need to listen to all customer interactions, understand their buying preferences and deliver consistent, compelling and tailored buying experiences across all service channels.

The starting point is to build 360º Customer Views, but most enterprises are challenged by their legacy DataMart's and ETL systems, the diversity and volume of the new sources and the prohibitive cost of legacy IT computing and storage platforms.

Syncrasy Foundation Platform lays the foundation needed to affordably build 360º customer views with the flexibility to start with a minimum investment and expand as required.

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Fast Track your Big Data Journey with your FREE Foundation Platform subscription.

The potential value of big data is enormous, but enterprises need to focus on economically achieving the big data project goals, and avoid the temptation to focus on building from scratch the tools to deliver.

The key is to lay an agile IT foundation capable of adapting, without discarding, and ensuring the ability to scale both compute and data storage resources, without re-engineering.

Syncrasy’s Foundation Platform provides an essential abstraction layer to explore the integration, connectivity, curation, database, analytics, machine learning and visualization technologies of choice; as well as laying the foundation to scale across bare metal, virtualized, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

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Explore how to Manage Risk & Fraud with your FREE Foundation Platform subscription.

Financial, Insurance and Telecom organizations are no strangers to fraud claims. New digital channels and changing compliance regulations mandate better monitoring and visibility of key information.

Timely and trusted monitoring and analysis of events through advanced analytics and machine-learning is a critical capability to minimize enterprise risk.

Syncrasy Foundation Platform helps data analysts to find the right data and discover the relationships that matter for more accurate and targeted fraud and risk analytics.

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Learn how to leverage IoT opportunities with a FREE Foundation Platform subscription.

Things are not things anymore, they are smart and connected creating an avalanche of data. As things become more and more connected, so do businesses and consumers and the need to derive intelligence from this data becomes a necessity.

Leveraging the opportunities that IoT solutions offer requires the implementation of a highly scalable and extensible modern data architecture able to process all types of data in real-time, store the data without limits and have the flexibility to layer today’s and tomorrow’s data manipulation, analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Syncrasy’s Foundation Platform provides an essential starting point and foundation to scale across bare metal, virtualized, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

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Understand the meaning of 365º Views with your FREE Foundation Platform subscription.

Specialized line of business applications underpin essential day to day operations but typically record data in proprietary and diverse data stores making it difficult to correlate data across the enterprise and assimilate meaningful insights.

In today’s data-driven fast-changing marketplace not having an on-time holistic view of the business is not an option.

Syncrasy’s Foundation Platform lays the foundation to overcome these issues by providing the data architecture to quickly, easily and reliably collect, curate, transform, enrich and aggregate ANY data from ANY source, then analyse and visualize the data across the whole enterprise.

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Get your data ready for Machine Learning with a FREE Foundation Platform subscription

In today’s world, strategies can no longer be based on descriptive analytics, rather businesses need to push the limits of their traditional BI and analytics frameworks with predictive and prescriptive capabilities to generate faster and more accurate business outcomes.

Whether you’re building a modelling factory or a highly scalable real-time application, Syncrasy’s integration with DataRobot’s Platform allows true industrialization of machine learning.

A Syncrasy DataRobot subscription is required for DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning Platform, as well as an upgrade subscription to Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform running on performant compute infrastructure.

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The expertise & technologies to help you succeed

Building on your foundation

Syncrasy’s Kick-Start Program and FREE, no obligation to renew, One Year Subscription to Syncrasy’s Foundation Platform is aimed at giving businesses the opportunity to economically explore their data, help solve initial data challenges and set a foundation for a digital future.

Running on a small footprint to minimize initial deployment costs, the Foundation Platform is architected in a Micro-Kubernetes environment which ensures an effective migration path to enterprise grade Kubernetes based multicloud deployments in due course.

To help you to scale when ready, and deliver business innovation with consistency, efficiency, agility & speed across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, Syncrasy’s global partnership with Red Hat enables us to support your digital future with enterprise grade infrastructure software solutions that are relied on by 1,000’s of organizations around the globe. Syncrasy also partners with the leading Automated Machine Learning Platform provider DataRobot to integrate AI processes and help you to jumpstart your transformation to an AI-driven enterprise.

Explore the opportunities

Syncrasy’s Data Discovery Platform

Manage, transform, analyze and monetize all data.

Learn More

Red Hat Embedded Technologies

Deliver business innovation across all environments.

Learn More

DataRobot's Automated Data Science

Transform your enterprise to an AI-driven enterprise.

Learn More

Syncrasy Kick-Start program

The expertise & technologies to help you succeed

Working together with your innovation team, Syncrasy Consulting will bring fresh ideas to solving your difficult data challenges and set out a cost-effective roadmap to delivering solutions that include the data engineering services and technologies needed – including a FREE One-Year Subscription to Syncrasy’s Foundation Platform.


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    Syncrasy’s Transformational Technologies

    Syncrasy’s Platforms integrate preselected best-of-breed open technologies that are vetted, tested and pre-engineered to provide the foundation and solution building applications needed to build early wins, explore opportunities and generate a “Flywheel Effect” that powers enterprise wide digital transformation.