Data Aggregation & Curation Pipelines

Whether real-time streaming or batch ingest, you can transform, curate, enhance and load your data when you want, where you want.
Problem / Pain
The volume, variety and veracity of both batch and real-time streaming data, as well as the complex needs of enterprises to curate these disparate data pipelines, often gives rise to the deployment of a mixed bag of brittle technologies and methods for organizing the ingest, transformation, enhancement and curation of data that are complex to manage, slow to adjust and have high support costs.

Syncrasy Data Flow is a visual modern data pipeline application that integrates both streaming and batch processing and connects to a wide variety of internet protocols, messages systems, log files, text files, databases and applications. Syncrasy Data Flow enables complex manipulation without code and the ability to incorporate scripting if required. Equally well designed for small scale data sources that make up the Internet of Things as well as large scale enterprise integration, Syncrasy’s Dataflow technologies allow enterprises to respond quickly and easily to new information requirements and build digital business disruptors.

Why Syncrasy & DataRobot
Integrating Syncrasy’s Data Flow with Syncrasy’s Data Warehouse ensures the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of data used for modelling predictive analytics with DataRobot, as well as simplifying the deployment of DataRobot production ready APIs within Syncrasy’s Data Flow production pipelines.

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