Next Best Action

Determine the message and medium that will resonate best with individual sales prospects, resulting in improved closing rates, increased engagement, and smoother buyer’s journeys.
Problem / Pain
The digital age has drastically increased the number of sales prospects, touchpoints, and communication channels available to marketers. With all these variables, it is impossible to manually determine the combination that will result in the best engagement for each individual prospect, which is why marketers have traditionally applied customer segmentation across their entire customer database. However, every customer is unique, and in the age of individualization, this method of mass communication will drive prospects away.

Modern machine learning algorithms discover the patterns in your customers’ buyers’ journeys that lead to sales, allowing you to determine the marketing touchpoint that will most effectively move each customer toward the decision to purchase. Additionally, you can determine which customers actually want to receive your content, resulting in improved customer relations and marketing ROI.

Why Syncrasy & DataRobot
Next best action models can be complex and time-consuming to build, but with Syncrasy & DataRobot you can predict the most appropriate touchpoint for each customer, focusing your marketing efforts and optimizing your revenue and profit with just one click.

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